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Interview with Chad Carrodus, a 17 Year Old Entrepreneur

Today I am presenting another written interview with Chad Carrodus, he is a teenage entrepreneur who is involved in various ventures at 17 years old!1434147455726

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in entrepreneurship at such a young age? Share your story.

I think everyone needs some sort of creative outlet to build something of his or her own. Some people choose to make music, some people write, some draw…but considering I have minimal talent in fine arts I was drawn to business. I like building ideas and working with them to see if they can be profitable. It’s almost like a game for me and I’m competing against myself.

2. How did you go about making your first dime online?

In middle school, I would buy my friends’ and classmates’ old iPhones. I would then take the phone, without making any repairs, and sell it on eBay. It was a win-win situation, because middle school kids enjoy making immediate cash. Because I had a little bit of money saved up, I could afford to buy the phone outright then flip it for a profit, like real estate, on a much smaller scale. I would net between $70-$200 per phone, which adds up quickly…especially at 12 and 13 years old!

3. What are you having success with today and what’s working for you?

When people ask me what I do, there really is no short answer, which is why I favor the phrase, “I am an entrepreneur”. My latest venture is my website, where I offer my first hand experiences and advice. I have also founded a thriving non-profit, consulted several clients in diversified fields, and brokered high-end boats and cars. Additionally, I work with a private aviation company where I sell charters for private jets. While dollar amounts vary amongst these various ventures, most all of the undertakings have been fairly successful.

4. Do you believe others are taken back by your young age when it comes to having a lot of success? How do you handle these situations?

Almost always, people are shocked. I have had some great reactions…especially when people think I am in my late twenties. I generally handle these situations by turning my age from a shortcoming, to a platform. Instead of using differences as an excuse, I believe in using them as an opportunity to stand out.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

I would like to study finance in college and get into the world of private equity. I have spoken to several people in the industry and the more I learn about it, the more excited I get.

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