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Interview with Psychic Christopher Golden

Today I am presenting another written interview with Psychic Christopher Golden. Christopher is one of the top online psychics in the world, recently featured in the book “The Top 100 Psychics”. Psychic_Christopher_GoldenHe has been written about in Playboy Magazine, the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Here he shares with us how he went from being unknown, to finding his audience online and elevating to the top of his game

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How did you get started as a psychic? Share your story.

In my early teens I noticed that some of the thoughts which entered my mind ended up being events that would later happen. The same was true with some of my dreams. I studied psychic awareness and meditation. I also found mentors, professional psychics, who helped me figure out which voice, of all the voices one has chattering in their mind, was my intuition. I honed that and practiced by doing Tarot Card readings for my friends. In my late teens people started paying to do readings. By my early twenties a few big hotels in and around Beverly Hills started calling me, whenever someone asked the concierge where to get psychic reading.

I had developed a rather large but local client base. Eventually I put up a website and in time I had clients all over the world. To date I have provided thousands of psychic readings. I’ve never had to find other employment. I do what I love and it takes care of me.

How have you gone about finding clients? Does the internet also play a large role in finding new clients?

In a way I had to start over. Once I launched a website, I made a decision to use a licensed stock photo and a pseudonym instead of my name and my face. I disclose this on my website so there is no mistake about it. But I saw an opportunity to be able to keep my private life private. No one in the “real world” asks me psychic questions. When I give interviews, I do not consent to being photographed. Being able to have a private life is something I value tremendously. However, it meant having to introduce myself to a new audience, outside of the immediate Beverly Hills area and outside of the entertainment industry, which is where the bulk of my clients came from.

At first this meant lowering my rates. It also meant having to run ads on Google. This is very expensive. However, it did not take long to build a larger client base than I could actually handle. I raised my 15 minute rate from $45 to $75 then to $150 and then to $300. So now my hourly rate is $1,200 and I still have almost more clients than I can handle. I guess this is a quality problem to have, of course. The internet has been very, very good to me in terms of finding clients and making a good living.

How do you go about getting positive feedback and testimonials for your work?

For a period of time a few people had voiced some skepticism about all of the testimonials on my website. So, on the advice of a friend who had been in eCommerce much longer than I have, I changed my approach. Once I am finished working with someone, if they send me an email thanking me, I ask them if they will please say what they just said, but in a public forum, like Merchant Circle or Yahoo Reviews. This has served very well and I think it serves the clients well too. People who are looking for a good psychic can turn to these review sites and know that the reviews are written by actual people, some of whom even use their real names and leave their contact information.

Testimonials are a huge reason why my client base blew up and my rates jumped so high, so quickly. If someone is considering paying money to someone they found on the internet, it’s a leap of faith. But because there are so many places where people can review a psychic, it helps the potential client make more of an educated guess rather than just a total roll of the dice.

Typically, if I am not connecting with someone whom I’m giving a reading to (all readings are done over the phone) I will offer them a refund. This not only helps to prevent a negative review, but it’s also just fair. My industry is filled with con artists, especially now that anyone can create a website and say anything about themselves. I would say that well over half of the so-called “psychics” online are phonies. And another large percentage just aren’t that good. So for me, doing a limited amount of press, videos and asking for a positive review if someone is happy with the service, is really important. Of course the real key to success, at anything really, is to actually do a good job. But even if you’re good at what you do, you have to find some means by which you can educated the public about your service and what people are saying about you.

What do you usually charge for a session with a client? Does it vary for each client? 

An initial consultation is $75. For most people that’s all they need, is to get a few questions answered. After that, I have an online booking calendar at: www.Psychic.Menu

At the time of this interview, my hourly rate is $1,200 and my monthly retainer, meaning I am available around the clock, if something comes up, is $50k. Typically the retainer is what we call the VIP Rate. I don’t get many of those. Usually these are people in Dubai or recording artists and actors. However, the vast majority of my clients pay between $75 and $300 to get me on the phone.

What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

I’ve been working on writing a book called “How to Get Your Ex Back”. After about 25 years of counseling people who come to me for this reason specifically, I noticed that the answers I was giving about half of the people were not even psychic hits. I had accumulated some knowledge and experience, concerning who can and should try to reconcile and who should just move on. Of those who can reconcile, most of the advice I end up giving is practical and not psychic. So I’m attempting to write a book, laying out how it’s done, if it can be done at all.

In addition to that, I am looking into using the brand I have created “Psychic90210” and adding other psychics to my website. These will be the best of the best, hand selected by me. In time I would like to only have a handful of clients and write books on the nature of consciousness, the illusion of time and why I feel we are here, in human form. So I’d like to focus more on spiritual teaching. And I hope that by expanding my business it will allow me to focus on that.

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