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Today I am presenting another written interview with the owner of InvoiceHome.comworkforce

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1. What gave you the idea to start Invoice Home? Share your story.

We have been developing online tools in the “big corp.” environment (international franchise network) since 1999. Over the time we have realized that the world is changing. Due to technology development (internet), independent workers and small businesses are becoming in many areas very competitive to big corps, delivering often higher quality of service, and being more effective. Please see the chart showing worldwide movement from a corporate workforce back to independent workers over the past 300 years attached.

We have decided to utilize our over 15 years experience with online apps development in the most perspective area – in the area of independent workers and small businesses. As invoicing is something every business need, something all the businesses has in common, invoicing is a best area where to start.

2. How have you gone about marketing your site and finding new customers?

As the site is free for many users, and we keep unlimited invoicing price is very low, there is no space for direct sale commissions. Therefore we have to rely on PPC campaigns and organics search (SEO optimization). As we are sure that the service is very good and unique on the market, not an accounting but straightforward invoicing optimized to small businesses, we believe that the “word of mouth” will help with the growth later.

3. Did you design most of the invoice templates yourself or did you outsource help for something like this?

The basic invoice design has been based on detailed analysis of thousand samples of most common invoice types. We carefully consider every field to use, to avoid using unnecessary fields, and based on this analysis, have prepared two most used form types – basic and advanced. The same way we have analyzed most common placement of each field. The simple invoice templates, such as “Classic” series are simply based on this analysis. The many other colorful template designs have been prepared in cooperation with professional designer.

4. How are you monetizing this site? It appears most templates are free?

Invoice Home is free up to $1000 invoiced total a month. If the total of all invoices issued in 30 day exceeds $1000, the price for unlimited invoicing is $5 / month.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

We are now concentrating our effort on US and Canada, next step will be the other English speaking countries, then French, Spanish, German.. We already support over 150 currencies and their symbols, to implement a new language means to translate the app, and adjust invoice templates fields and layout based on local conventions.

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