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Interview with Robert Nikic, CEO of Herolocity

Interview with Robert Nikic, CEO of Herolocity

Today I am presenting another written interview with Robert Nikic, CEO of Herolocity.

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1. How did you come up with the idea of starting Herolocity?

As the Internet continues expand, and more and more people are getting online, many businesses have started to setup their online infrastructure to target increase their outreach. However, according to a survey conducted by Marketing Land, almost 45% of small businesses do not have any presence online whatsoever.

The fact is, many small business owners want to draw attention of consumers in today’s highly competitive markets. Unfortunately, many of these entrepreneurs do not have the correct knowledge or understanding of why web presence is the way to go forward. Majority of these business owners do not want to get into the hassle of setting up their websites, mainly because of their regrettable experiences with website builders. With no guidance, these businesses are misled and misinformed.

It has always been my dream to help connect people from all over the world using the power of Internet. This is what motivated me to look in depth at the needs of small businesses and identify the problems that they face.

After I graduated from Tarpon Springs High School, I enrolled in St. Petersburg College, and then I founded Herolocity with the ultimate goal of helping small businesses build a successful web presence for their business, albeit with a unique, simplified approach – one that has not been followed since the 1990s.

2. What is the secret behind the growth of Herolocity? Does your team implement cold calls as a method to draw new clients?

From a consumer’s point-of-view, cold call is nothing but a bothersome. If the business owners have had an unpleasant experience with some website builders, then a traditional method such as cold calling will only cause them to repel any the offer of any website development service.

Additionally, small business owners are typically extremely busy. This is because they usually have many things on their mind as they are the doing a one-man job or trying to steer their team through today’s cutthroat industries. In short, no, Herolocity does not utilize traditional marketing methods such as cold calling.

I aim to propel Herolocity forward and establish it as a leading authority that assists small businesses in establishing themselves online successfully and effectively.

Even though we follow a personalized approach when helping each of our clients, Herolocity’s goal is to help hundreds and thousands of more businesses in the coming few months. To achieve this extraordinary target, we cannot adhere to traditional marketing; instead, genuine brand building model has to be incorporated.

3. What kinds of tools do you use to run this model and assist your clients? Please explain your operating philosophy.

At Herolocity, we love to empower our customers with full control of their websites. This is precisely why we offer industry-specific features for our valued clients. For this, we have developed a unique platform from scratch that does not follow the typical website building services out there.

We make it easy for our clients to set up their website right from the very start. For instance, if they already have a website with some provider, our InstaCloud’s ‘1-Click Transfer’ method can easily transfer their entire website to our platform with utmost convenience.

It does not matter whether our clients are transferring their website or creating one from scratch; with our cPanel-powered control panel, everything is simple and convenient to set-up and maintain. The control panel can be used to manage all facets of a website, including the addition of over 150-plus applications.

Using InstaSite Business service, our clients can let the experts build a successful website designed specifically for their type of business. After the website is up and running, its management is a breeze and apps as well as e-mail accounts can be maintained with utmost ease.

One additional service offered by Herolocity is the SEO Local service that allows our clients to list their websites in famous search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A 90-day trial of SEO Local comes with InstaSite Business. With this service, experts determine how our clients’ customers search for local businesses in their industry, analyze in-depth metrics and increase ranking so that local customers can locate their services easily.

4. With over 8000 clients, you must have a large team to manage so many websites. How many team members do you have?

Scalability is a critical factor at Herolocity, keeping in mind our aggressive growth model. One of Herolocity’s primary data centers is located at Tampa, Florida. However, due to the nature of our business, we employ full-time remote workforce comprising of around 20 individuals spread all over the world, including in Spain, France, and other locations.

As we continue to expand and reach out to serve more businesses in all corners of the globe, we plan to seek more talented individuals.

5. Do you believe it is a good idea to hand over to clients the entire administrative control of their websites?

The complete control our clients have over their websites is precisely what differentiates us from the typical website builders out there. Our unique service provides website creation service by experts, whereas the management is done by the clients themselves. This puts them in a better position to modify and alter the elements of their website conveniently and easily.

Our platform is not like WordPress where things can be messed up as a result of a single out-dated plugin, requiring the help of an expert. Instead, the easy drag-and-drag interface simplifies everything and prevents any distortion from occurring in the first place.

Additionally, a subscription of InstaSite Business provides clients the option of requesting changes to be made by an expert; this comes in very handy when certain businesses want specialized features, pages, or want custom images.

6. Do you offer white label solutions for other SEO and web design companies?

Even though we have the ability to offer white label solutions to other web design and SEO companies, we currently have no desire to explore this avenue at this point in time.

Our business model aims to provide personalized service and maximum value to small businesses, and we cannot compromise our belief by focusing our attention on anything else.

7. With the ongoing transformation of SEO, what technique do you think works today?

Every business is unique and follows a somewhat different approach, even in the same industry. Herolocity’s vast experience of working with over 150+ industries has taught us that there can be no generalized approach that works well with every business – regardless of whether they are of the same industry.

This notion is especially true when it comes to local SEO. The majority of search engine optimization companies utilize unethical methods to get small businesses ranked in search engines as quickly as possible. However, with Google releasing new and algorithm updates frequently to prevent manipulating search results and to give searchers real value. Many companies ignore the evolving SEO parameters and think that all they need to do is to get the ‘ranking keywords’ into their web pages.

With this understanding, we at Herolocity believe that better SEO rankings can be achieved by establishing a brand, building authority within your industry – online and offline – and ultimately unfolding your small business’s talent. Through this technique, you will not only be able to gain long-term consumer awareness but will also open many doors for your future SEO endeavors.

With this methodology in mind, and with our helping hand– businesses can build and grow a successful business and not just a typical SEO campaign.

8. You started out as just a hosting company; do you feel as though moving into web design and SEO services was a smarter move then just sticking with hosting solutions?

Herolocity was formerly known as Inerol Solutions and I launched it as a web hosting company. However, with time, I transformed the company into something much more. A smarter move it was.

Not only have I been able to offer small business owners a solution to their exact problems, but we have managed to do a brilliant job, thanks to the dedicated team at Herolocity.

This takes us back to what we discussed in the first question: a lot of small business owners do not have a clear understanding of how to get their business online. Hosting services are partially for those who have already developed a website and are now looking to host their website somewhere.

On the other hand, InstaSite Business helps business owners right from design and development stages to the implementation and management – guiding them through each step.

9. What do you feel helps your business stand out from the thousands of other companies offering website design and SEO services?

Small businesses in increasing numbers are turning towards Herolocity because of our vast experience in over 150+ industries. Additionally, we do not only host a website, we help businesses build and manage it in a way that does not consume too much of their precious time. Time is money in the world of business, and we fully understand that.

The experts at Herolocity that understand what it takes to take your business to the next level with our services. We have people with experience of over 150 business industries – that’s what makes Herolocity different. We understand our clients like no one else does, we pay attention to the details, little things that can make big differences in their productivity, efficiency and bottom line.

If you survey the market, you will notice that there are hardly any companies out there that offer the same kind of convenience and feature set as Herolocity.

There are many features offered by Herolocity, and one of our customers explained, “There isn’t a web company that combines all of the features a business needs within one service.”

10. What are your plans for 2015 and Beyond?

The year 2015 will undoubtedly be a challenging year for Herolocity as we have our eyes set on a vigorous expansion plan. As we embark on a continuous journey towards innovation, we plan to not only help small businesses establish a successful online presence, but we also want to enable thousands if not millions of other designers to do the same with their clients. This can be achieved by decreasing the time and cost required for building a successful custom website by as high as 350%, while enabling designers do what they do best: design, through our sister company, which we will launch shortly. This new company will be powered by Herolocity’s innovative technology and will be inspired by InstaSite Business.

We have come a long way from being just a hosting company to a complete solution provider for small and medium businesses – and we vouch to stand by our clients and help them succeed.

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