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Interview with Chris LaBonty and Nolan Thompson of HeadTalker

Today I am presenting a written interview with Chris LaBonty and Nolan Thompson who are serial entrepreneurs from Orange County, CA. They are crowdpreneuers with a passion for HeadTalker_Logo_viral_crowdspeaking_socialreachall the crowd related industries. They pursued the crowd related industries to bringing the masses together and make changes happen.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in crowd funding? Share your story.

We both got very interested in crowdfunding after backing some successful campaigns and being part of something bigger than ourselves. Crowdfunding brings people together to make change happen and that is something we wanted to be part of.

2. Tell us about HeadTalker, what is it all about?

HeadTalker is the first free crowdspeaking platform in the world that allows you to get your message VIRAL on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr!  Too often we have important messages that get lost on social media. HeadTalker fixes this problem by allowing people to spread your message all at once.   It is very similar to crowdfunding but doesn’t involve any money.  People pledge their social reach to important messages creators setup. The message shares automatically all at once when a successful campaign ends and reaches its supporter goal creating a viral boom across social media. It is a revolutionary social tool to anyone who has an important message. HeadTalker is offering 300,000 social reach for all new campaigns to give them the boost they need to get started.

3. What are some tips you can provide to others who are launching crowdfunding campaigns?

It really depends on the size and type of campaign it is. Find similar campaigns that were successful and take a look at what they did. Set realistic goals and plan your marketing strategy well.  Use HeadTalker to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Stay positive and never give up.

4. Do you see any disadvantages to the crowdfunding model for start ups? If so, what?

The only disadvantages we see is not taking advantage of the crowdfunding phenomenon. The way startups use to get funding was limited ten years ago.  Funding usually came from an Angel investor, VC firm, and maybe a bank.  One investor may be able to get you pretty far.  Having people all over the world supporting your crowdfunding campaign can go much further.  I think we are in the beginning stages of startups and crowdfunding.  Equity crowdfunding will be legal soon for everyone which will change the game for startups.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Our future vision is huge.  We are moving past crowdfunding and crowdspeaking.  We want to bring crowds together to make change happen across the globe. HeadFunder and HeadTalker are the very beginning of our long journey.  We have a few more platforms we plan on releasing in the future that will all be crowd related.

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