Interviews with Successful Online Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Interview with Syed Imran – The CEO of Growing Startup Sprintzeal Pvt Ltd

Success is something that will never come to you whenever you wish or overnight. The term success itself has some positive vibrations. All of us want success in our life but it’s not that simple or easy to achieve. We have been seeing many successful people in our life and we always admire them and […]

Interview with White-Hat SEO Expert Dan Ray

What got you interested in SEO, how did you get started? My origin story is pretty boring, I wasn’t a poor guy living on the street or trying to feed my family or anything. I was just a college student writing to make some money, SEO articles paid better by about 100% so i told […]

Interview with Calvin Brown about Cell Phone App Development – Ep. 79

In this podcast episode I interviewed Calvin Brown of we discussed his consulting business and how he built applications such as Sprint Zone for Sprint cell phones. I asked him a lot of questions about outsourcing and what it’s like to build expansive applications. We also talked about his side venture BookMyStylist which is […]