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My most Epic Income Report Yet! Feb – March – April – Over $4500!

So it’s been a very LONG 3 months to say the least! Lot’s have been happening for me in 2014 so far in terms of online projects. If you have read my previous income reports you will see that I was working on a TON of stuff all at once and I think I’ve really […]

My January Income Report – Small Amounts Of Easy Income

Today I’m posting my income report for January, this has not been a mind blowing month in terms of income by any means but I’m starting to see traction with a lot of projects I’ve worked on over the past several months. Being inspired by Pat Flynn’s motto of “work hard now, reap the benefits […]

November & December Income Report – Shiny Object Syndrome

*Edited 1/2/2014* I made some more money, I suppose I should have waited to post this! I’ve decided to create a combined income report for November and December. Even though it’s currently the 20th I don’t know how much more income will be coming in with the holidays coming up and me most likely being […]