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Outdated Digital Marketing Strategies To Avoid In 2021

Pexels. CCO Licensed. The internet has been public for thirty years now. In that time, digital marketing has evolved drastically. Below are some of the digital marketing strategies that are no longer effective in 2021 – and what you should be doing instead. Keyword stuffing In the early days of Google, it used to be […]

A Few Ways To Get Your Business Seen By More People

(Image credit) One way to help your business grow is to get it out there into the big wide world and where you can in the online world. It will help enhance your business’s reputation and brand, by constantly being seen you are going to stick in people’s heads than when they come to a […]

Data Is Driving Business Forwards

Data-driven businesses are the order of the day. Most brands already use data and information (ordered data) to generate knowledge. Also to monetize it, turning that raw data in the form of zeros and ones into a business asset. With this, better decisions can be made. We are also likely to see a huge change […]