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Long term vs Short term Digital Marketing techniques

If you asked people 5-10 years ago, they would have said that going online is a quick way of making money. The problem was, this hype was mainly based on manipulating search engine rankings. That meant using spammy backlink tactics and very bad content, distributed on the web. Those websites soon got dropped from the […]

Essential Ways to Cut Your Startup Costs

When you are just starting out in business there will be plenty of things that you could be spending your money on. But when you’re starting out, and things aren’t completely established, it can mean that your budget is tight until things are up and running and you are experiencing a better cash flow. In […]

Forming a Marketing Strategy that Speaks to a Millennial Audience As a small business, marketing is essential. You could have the best product on earth, but if you don’t tell everyone about it, it won’t sell enough to turn your business into a success. But, as important as marketing is, you might find yourself unable to afford to hire an expensive marketing team to […]