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Technologies Of 2017 So Far



If you’re a little curious about the new technologies we have in this world – you should be. 2017 has been such a big year already, and we’re not even halfway through yet. Technology is growing more and more at a faster rate; it’s going to end up leaving us behind soon! So it’s important to keep on track of what’s going on.

Here’s a list of the most talked about new and improved creations. This should keep you up to date on the changes so far.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an incredible thing. It’s a type of artificial intelligence that learns and gains new information, without having to be programmed.

It’s all about the development of the computer, and how it changes and adapts itself to new data.

It won’t be long before we start relying on artificial intelligence for all of our wants and needs. Who knows, the world may end up being run by robots…

Augmented Reality

There have been so many improvements already made by the augmented reality agency. If you’ve been hiding in a hole for the last year, then augmented reality is one of the newest crazes. You can play a selection of games with a set of controllers, and something that looks like giant goggles. You just put them on, and you’re inside the game. You tilt your head; the game tilts with you. It’s as if you’re really inside it, and for now, it’s the closest we’ll get to entering a real life video game.

Humanized Big Data

This is where huge amounts of data are analyzed virtually to show us any associations, patterns and trends connection to our human behavior and interactions. But actions want to be taken further where instead of us using the computer for information – the computer, will use us.

It’s all very controversial at the moment, and nothing has been done yet (not that we know of.) But plans are being discussed for the future, so keep a lookout on this one.

Everything On-Demand

Whether it be transport, food or tv channels, everything is on demand nowadays. Within one click of a button, you can have all you need to survive. You don’t even need to leave the house anymore. You can get your groceries delivered to you, your clothes, and even your friends! You can watch what you want, when you watch, without having to answer to anybody.

There is literally an app out there for everyone’s needs. Everything is so easy to do now, what’s left?

Things are bound to change again, leaving us with some really strange ideas, which will eventually become normal like everything else has.

Now you’ve had a quick run through of the changes that have happened, or are in the process of happening, you can really start taking advantage of the technology we have created for one another.

Who knows how things will continue to change. The big question is, will it be for the best, or the worst?



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