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Stage Security “4 Great Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure”

If you operate your own business, it’s important to take the steps required to keep your business safe and secure. Amidst the ongoing coronavirus crisis, this is even more true. Threats to your business can come in many forms, including burglaries and cyber-attacks. The uncertainty of the pandemic also means that any disruption to your business or a loss in revenue can lead to very damaging circumstances. You should do everything you can to protect your business, your employees and your financial situation.

Stage Events Security is an experienced security firm based in Ipswich, UK. As one of the region’s most qualified and trusted security providers, they are capable of helping local businesses with an array of services. Stage have sent over some of their top tips that businesses can use to keep their workplace safe and secure.

1)     Install an Alarm System

The installation of an alarm system is one of the best things you can do to secure the premises at your workplace. Outside of opening hours, and particularly at night, thieves will look to seize the opportunity of weak premises. If you have an alarm system installed, then this acts as both a deterrent to potential criminals and a notification of an active situation. Make sure that your alarm is tested regularly to ensure that it is in good condition. Alarms can be hooked up to alert yourself or local police of a break-in. You can also make the most of an alarm response system where a professional security team will be able to investigate as soon as an alarm is triggered.

2)     Setup CCTV

Another effective tool to use as part of your security planning is that of CCTV technology. Criminals who see that extensive security cameras are in use will be more likely to scarper. However, more than that, CCTV can be used to track down thieves and it is extremely valuable in piecing together evidence that can be used for prosecution. The quality of CCTV footage is better than ever, and, in several cases, footage can be monitored in real-time. Make sure to strategically place your cameras so that all bases are covered.

3)     Hire Mobile Patrols

While the technology we’ve mentioned so far can be really useful, it doesn’t completely safeguard your business. Organised criminals are rarely put off by such measures and will often find ways to give themselves the upper hand. This is why mobile patrols is really effective when used in combination with alarm systems and security cameras. A manned presence is more likely to cause further headaches that potential criminals would rather avoid. By patrolling the area in a vehicle, security guards will be sending out a clear and visible message to anyone within the vicinity, letting them know that the area is well secured. Should an active situation arise, they are able to quickly deal with the matter and prevent any damage to the business.

4)     Re-Visit Your Security Procedures

All of the above steps are certainly effective in improving your security from external factors, but don’t neglect your business from within. Threats to your business can come from inside, such as rogue employees or unsupervised visitors. You should aim to regularly re-visit your security procedures. Access should only be provided where necessary and ideally, you will be able to track who accesses where and when. Former employees should no longer be able to access your premises as soon as their last day is up. As for visitors, make sure that a system is in place to keep their visit as supervised as possible. You may wish to designate a person or a group of people to hold responsibility for the security of your business.

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