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Promoting Your Webinar Effectively

Promoting Your Webinar Effectively

The word webinar originates from the word “web-based seminar.” It is a live event held on the internet, which is accompanied by a speaker and an online audience. It delivers an educational presentation, tutorial, and workshop that transmitted over the web using video conference software. The webinar software allows the sharing of slides and active involvement when it comes to question and answer features.  Various companies nowadays used an event marketing strategy that includes face-to-face activity. Thus, an event organizer must book a venue, followed by the attendees, which need to be active during the duration of the course.

What is the goal of the Webinar?

The primary purpose of a webinar is to educate, instruct, or demonstrate ideas. For example, you will arrange a webinar to inform universities and other educational institutions. It provides a very low-cost way to share ideas with a vast number of attendees.

Ways to promote your webinar effectively

Here are the lists of methods you can use to promote your webinar effectively. This list will also help you to attract more people to register.

·   Create an optimized landing page

First, your webinar should have a place for the people to register. So before you start, make sure to create an optimized landing page will all these elements:

1.       Detailed information about the topics to be discussed.

2.       The date and time of the webinar

3.       The speaker of the webinar

4.       Registration form of the event 

·   A hello bar

A hello bar usually pops-up on the top or bottom of your screen and covers the full width of your browser. Depending on what you’re trying to express, it is proven to be very successful in catching the attention of the viewer.

 ·   Offer a video

Sometimes, you have to be creative in promoting something and not just relying on all the time in writing. Record 1-2 minutes of video promoting your webinar and what you plan to cover. If you have multiple speakers, try to get everyone involved. When you’re done, promote it via social media accounts like on Facebook and YouTube.

 ·   Email Signature

Include the webinar landing page link next to your email signature. It is an effective way to share the information of the webinar to the people outside of your regular database.

·   Put internal blog links

Try to involve some blog articles that talk about the same topic on your webinar. Include internal links leading to your webinar page. You can also think about adding a call-to-action (CTA). It is a link that you add to your website to guide your visitor and tell them what to do next. Try to work the CTA in your post to attract reader attention in case they don’t finish to the very end.   

·   Make a blog

Aside from creating some blog CTA’s, you can also write a blog article which dedicates primarily to promote your webinar. Just like the landing page, be sure to add all the elements and reasons why people should join. Then, post your blog on social media. In summary, creating a webinar to promote educational or intrusive presentations is a great way to interact audience, and it is a win-win situation for everyone. By providing an online seminar to the audience, you can share an efficient, detailed message while providing a low-cost way to share ideas with a vast number of attendees. Before starting any schedule webinar, here is a friendly reminder. You need to check everything around. Everything has to be set and done. First, make sure that all the electronic devices related to your webinar are working correctly. Next, measure the voltage and ampere reading using shunt resistors to ensure that there will be no power fluctuation during your seminar. We do not want any incident to happen during your webinar activity. Lastly, enjoy your presentation and share meaningful ideas to your audience.

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