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Online Marketing Strategy Stagnated

It’s possible, from time to time, to get somewhat lost when it comes to our online marketing strategy. The same old, same old isn’t quite yielding the same results as it once did, and there’s a distinct lack of engagement between your company and your customers. The good news is that it’s easy to breathe life into your online marketing strategy, especially if you’re not already incorporating visual stimulation into everything you do. It’s amazing what a bit of color can do.



Livening Up Your Blog

As exciting as you may think your company is, it’s a big ask to expect your customers to also be just as interested. A 1000 word blog post on everything exciting that’s in your near future? Nope, sorry, won’t fly. Instead, go for a 500 word blog posts that’s complemented by one or two images. This makes it much more likely that your blog post will be read for two important reasons: for starters, adding images will improve it’s chances of being found as it gives your page an SEO boost. Additionally, when faced with a wall of text, people tend to click away.

Easy Information

If you haven’t noticed, we’re all pretty busy in 2017. Nobody has time to read anymore – if you give them a 1000 word wall of text to read, people will go elsewhere to get the information they need, regardless of how informative the information you have on your page is. When trying to get your essential information out there, look at using infographics as your primary communication tool. These are fun, colorful, and make it easy for the reader to absorb the need to know information. And not a second of wasted time in sight.





Marketers have known a secret about videos for a while now, and that is that they’re ridiculously effective. Seriously: the numbers surrounding online videos are insane. Everyone is watching them, all the time. And you need to have them on your site. This is where you can creative, because it doesn’t really matter what the content of the video is. Get a company like Crews Control and make a video about your next trade show, or the experiences of your past customers, or even a ‘behind the scenes of your company’ reel, and place it on your website. You’ll quickly notice an improvement in customer engagement and your search engine rankings, too!

The Meme Generation

If you’ve been fighting getting involved in the meme game, it might be time to admit defeat, because for the time being they’re here to stay. There’s plenty of benefits to memes: they allow your company to comment on what’s going on, are highly shareable, and allows you to show off your fun side. Just don’t get it wrong.


Finally, there’s one other piece of visual stimulation that companies often overlook: slides. These can be used to convey large blocks of information into just a single, easy to consume page, and the data shows that people really respond to them. Add slides into your marketing strategy along with the others and you’ll be pulling in even more customers!

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