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Why You Need To Properly Market Your Medical Business

Marketing is a tricky business. It’s hard to find out exactly what will and won’t work. As a result some experimentation is needed to ensure you get the best possible response you can. Medical marketing can be even more tricky. Private healthcare like GP’s, dentists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors need a specific type of marketing to be truly successful. We explore some techniques here.

Use Video

Video can really get across the services on offer and what you do as a company. For example as a chiropractor you can use a video to show yourself relieving patient pressure via massage or bone manipulation. Alternately you could ask a patient to conduct a video review. People aren’t as impulsive when using medical services, they’re more wary, and rightly so. You need to show them that other people are satisfied with their service. There are many mistakes to avoid when using video marketing, so avoid these when you’re producing a video. Place it on your website and use it to advertise. Make it clear what you offer is in some way better than your competitors.

Ask For Professional Help

There are countless companies out there offering help with marketing, but the generic ones are usually the ones to avoid. This is essentially because they don’t have a niche of expertise. For example, if you run a dentistry you need to find a marketing company who are experts in Dental marketing. Having professionals on board will bring in the customers you need. Sure, it may cost more money, but you’ll make this money back off the back of their efforts. Benefiting off of expertise can really make your marketing campaign stand out. Remember, these guys have done it before so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t.



Use Clean Cut Photos

Everyone likes to know there medical care providers are clean. In all of your advertising make sure your photos of your practice are clean and tidy. If you use any of your employees or your staff do the same, white is always a good bet, so dress in white as it looks clean and professional. It can be a good idea to use a professional medical cleaning service to help your premises shine. People won’t return to you if it’s dirty.

Solicit Reviews

If you work with someone who is clearly happy with the service you provide then ask them for a review or testimonial. If you gather a few of these then you can build up some good word of mouth and attract more sales as a result. You can put the latest reviews in a marketing newsletter and on your website under a testimonials section. You should also solicit professional reviews from medical boards and journals. People appreciate professional recognition as it shows you’re serious about what you do. If you are still active in the academic side of your field it could be worth submitting a journal article or two for publication. Displaying certificates in your practice is also a great way of showing people you’re professional and qualified.

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