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Get Your Target Audience to Take Notice

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Having your business on various digital platforms is a brilliant way of getting your brand known. However, it is not much good if you have thousands of followers and friends on the likes of Facebook and Instagram but none of them ever turn into sales.

Some businesses can get so engrossed in social media that they forget why they are there. They are very proud of themselves for getting so many people liking their page when what they really need is those people to turn into customers.

Find Out Which Platform Your Target Audience Is Using

Social media has changed the way we communicate but one thing remains the same. An advertising campaign will only be noticed by the people that are interested in your product. That has always been the same, even when the most used form of advertising was TV.

Firstly you need to look at what types of people are using which platforms. If you are launching a B2B campaign, for instance, Twitter or LinkedIn might be the best ones to use, as they tend to have more business people as members.

If you want to appeal to a young audience of consumers then Facebook or Instagram are the ones to opt for.

Some businesses use every platform and then analyze the results to see which is giving them the most conversions. They can then concentrate their efforts on that one.

Are You Selling What They Want?

Users will only click a link to your site if they have an interest in what you are selling. Then when they get there, your website needs to be appealing and easy to navigate or they will soon move elsewhere.

Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘Content Is King’ many years ago, and that is still the same. Whether you have images, videos or blogs that answer their questions and solve a problem for them if your content is not engaging they will not stay on your site. You want them to tour your site to find out if you have what they want, and if you do, hopefully, they will buy while they are there.

Another way for them to decide if you have want they want is for them to attend events and look at your trade show exhibits. If, for Instance, they are looking for something to do with toys and you are at a toy trade show in a booth that is well designed, they will be able to look at your wares and get to meet you at the same time. Consumers like that personal touch, and if you have what they are looking for they will buy.

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Build Relationships

Once you have found which platform your target audience responds to, start to build relationships with them. Always be positive with them even if they are making a complaint, as this helps to build trust in your brand.

Human nature being what it is, consumers generally would rather buy from someone they feel they know than a stranger, so the time spent chatting with your potential customers could get you more sales.

Your online presence amounts to a 24-hour customer service, not something many physical stores would have. It is an opportunity for you to capitalize on this and as long as you do not ignore any questions, complaints or compliments, it will work in your favor.

When you are starting a marketing strategy one of the hardest things can be finding your target audience, but once you have, aiming the promotion of your business towards them is far more likely to make your campaign successful


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