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How to Build New Links Naturally

Many digital marketers find it extremely challenging to earn natural backlinks. Some try to cheat the system by using spam tactics like paid links. However, the advance algorithms of the search engine eventually detect the spam tactics and the website is punished with a severe plenty.

There are few legitimate natural link building tactics that digital marketers can use to improve the banklink profile of their website. In this article, we’ll highlight those tactics and enunciate how one can build new links naturally.

  1. Create Interesting and High-Quality Content

In order to get linked by other websites, digital marketers and SEO professionals must ensure that the content they provide on a website is interesting and high-quality. When the content on a website is high-quality, other site owners are likely to use it and they’ll credit the website with a backlink for the content.

High-quality and interesting content can be provided by writing high-quality blogs posts on interesting and engaging topics. Sharing new facts or proven research in the blog posts increases the chances of getting a backlink. Other website owners will likely use the information from the post if it they find it appealing and worth sharing. Incorporating infographics, how-to videos and relevant pictures in the blog posts can also increase the chances of the post getting linked by another website or blog.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to build new links naturally. Once a digital marketer is providing quality content on their website that can be shown as a sample of their writing, they can reach out to other blogs in their niche whose audience may be interested in their business.

When writing guests blog posts, one should not think of the post as a medium solely used for link building. The purpose should be to provide high-quality content that offers value to the readers. It should never feel like the blogger is trying to promote their website. A blog post created to provide value to the readers will allow a brand to establish their authority in their niche and attract visitors back to their site. Furthermore, guest blog posts created for another website should match the format and tone of the other posts already on the website.

Since a marketer wants to attract visitors to their website by providing a link, they should add the link through an author bio. If there are other guest bloggers writing for the website, seeing their links will allow the marketer to determine how many links should be included and whether they should be linked to the website or the blog.

  1. Commenting on Blog Posts

Blog commenting is also useful for natural link building. Digital marketers can comment on blog posts of top website in their niche to attract their audience to a website. When commenting on a blog post, it’s important to remember that the comment should provide something valuable to the readers. Just leaving a link to a website and asking readers to visit it won’t do any good to the marketer. Alex from VM Interactive says that when a comment shows that a person has authority in the niche, people become curious. This curiosity can result in clicks on the link provided in the comment.

  1. Boost Online Presence

In order to build links naturally, digital marketers must boost their online presence. They must build a community that engages with their content and reciprocates links. You can speed up the process with a provider such as Healthy Links.

People listen to experts, so digital marketers can boost their online presence by showing that they are experts in the niche. Creating well-researched articles, infographics, eBook or whitepapers can help a website portray itself as an expert in a specific niche.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is also useful for natural link building. By creating engaging and interesting content on social media and providing a link back to the website, a digital marketer can build strong backlinks for their website. When digital marketers use social media for link building, they should focus on providing content that appeal to the user. If the content feels too promotional and sales-oriented, the audience wouldn’t bother clicking the link.

By following the strategies highlighted above, digital marketers can build links naturally without turning to unfair means to capture strong links for a website.

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