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Appsolutely Fabulous – 6 Reasons Your SME Needs an App Today


No matter what your industry, getting ahead in the current economic climate can be a genuine challenge. Competition has never been fiercer, costs have never been higher, and consumers have never been this fickle in their choice of business with which to interact. Spoiled with unprecedented levels of choice, today’s consumer is more than happy to chase a better deal elsewhere. Brand loyalty? What brand loyalty? In this environment, your SME needs to utilize whatever tools it has at its disposal to get ahead. In the digital age, there are few more effective strategies than reaching current and prospective customers via a mobile app. Today we’ll look at a few ways that app technology can be harnessed to help you grow your business:

Commerce in Your Pocket

As any app design company will tell you, staying front of your clients’ minds is a critical factor in achieving  success. There is no better way to achieve that goal than by being on their phone. Most people today are seemingly surgically attached to their devices. Downloaded apps are likely to be viewed multiple times per day, ensuring that you are never far from sight. From a branding perspective, this is already a huge win. If your app delivers something useful, entertaining or informative to users, then there is every chance that you will also have regular opportunities for your target market to interact meaningfully with your brand. By carrying your company around in their pocket, consumers themselves are providing you with an unparalleled opportunity to reach them anytime, anywhere.

Stay Loyal

Loyalty programs are nothing new and have been around in various forms for many years. The mobile app has taken things to the next level. A well-constructed mobile interface can make it easier, more convenient and more engaging than ever to keep users coming back to enjoy the rewards that you offer for their repeat business. While a loyalty program is no guarantee of a monogamous relationship, statistics show that they can deliver huge benefits.

Push it Real Good

As annoying as that incessant beeping and vibrating may be, the reality is that when used correctly, push notifications can be incredibly effective. Overdo it, and you will have those notifications disabled in a flash. However, get the balance right, and you have the potential for regular, meaningful engagement with a captive audience. Remember, your user has allowed push notifications to begin with, so they are open to your messages. All you need to do is play your cards right, and you can communicate what you need to at the right time.

Engaging Developments

The public’s love for their mobile devices gives you the potential for hitherto unimagined levels of user engagement. Unlike TV, which is an inherently passive pastime, people interact actively with their phones and tablets, rather than staring at them blankly. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how a user-friendly app that offers value, information or entertainment could enable real engagement and a tangible connection that results in a stronger relationship between you and them.

Get Direct

With so much information and noise out there, your company’s message can easily get lost in the din. However, with a great app, you will have a way to cut through the information overload and market directly to consumers. Whether it’s new products, price lists, news feeds, special announcements, or other useful information, you stand a far higher chance pf being heard and getting the point across if you do it through an app.

Whatever your online marketing goals, many SMEs can see outstanding results with a well-thought-out, useful and engaging app that delivers what users want. Isn’t it time you took the plunge and joined the mobile revolution?

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