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The Importance Of Partnership With Don Walker – Ep. 28

Today on the show I interviewed Don Walker, I met Don through a private Facebook group I have been apart of for some time now for the online marketing niche. Don talks a lot about how he got started online, his experience with all forms of marketing including network marketing, affiliate marketing and just general blogging. Don talks a lot about the importance of partnership and having like minded people to help you with your journey online and how much this has helped him.

Checkout the interview:

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  • Mormo Zine

    I tried to listen to this podcast on blubrry but it was an interview with a lovely woman speaking about coaching instead. Still a great podcast, just wanted to let you know. I will watch the video here when I got a minute. Gotta make money first!!

    • Hmm yeah that was supposed to be the episode after this one! I’ll double check and fix it. Thanks for the heads up.

    • I must have uploaded the next episode by mistake! It should be corrected now. It’s updated on my blog but I’m not sure how long it will take to sync on Blubrry. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Don Walker

    It was a pleasure to be on your hangout/show John…I feel this platform is much needed for marketers new and old alike…

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