Interviews with Successful Online Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Interview with Brian Lichtig of Baltimore Computer Solutions

What is the name of your company? 
What got you interested in starting your own digital marketing company? Share your story. 
Started out in the computer networking field over 20 years ago. Had a website that no one could get on page one of Google. Paid thousands of dollars to get it ranked and no return on investment. So I learned how to do it the right way with masterminds and some college classes. Then 4 years later it turned into a agency SEO and mainly Pay Per Lead.
What types of strategies are you using today to help your clients rank their businesses on Google? 
When are 90% a Pay Per Lead Business. So we send calls directly to clients.
How have you gone about finding new clients? Do most come through word of mouth or do you advertise your services elsewhere? 
Word of mouth and email marketing works well. Big hitter on LinkedIn also.
What tools do you use to organize client tasks and stay organized within your agency? 
What is the #1 challenge you face today when it comes to productivity, task management and getting more work done for your clients? 
I would have to think hard about this because we have a great system in place.
What are your future plans for 2017 and beyond with your company? 
We are looking to grow even more with the way we have outsource email marketing. We are adding more in house digital marketers along with a few more contractors.

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