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1. How did ProTexting get started? Tell us more about the platform.

ProTexting is one of the 1st SMS platforms in the US. It started as a simple platform to send and receive group SMS, but eventually the platform has evolved to a multi-product mobile marketing service. It utilizes SMS, MMS, Social Media and Push channels to deliver messages to the audience of our clients at the right time.

2. How does ProTexting help others market their brand or business?

ProTexting offers several ways to engage people, via SMS or MMS. Some of our tools include Text 2 Join, Text 4 info, SMS Sweeps, Drip Campaigns, Trivia, Surveys, etc. All of our apps work together, so if you need to run several campaigns over couple months, we can set that and they will run smoothly.

3. What have been some challenges you have faced growing the business?

Some of our most critical challenges have been expanding quickly due to high volume traffic and interactions with our products. We have developed a stable and flexible infrastructure to handle any type of SMS campaigns.

4. How have you gone about marketing the platform and what’s working for you?

Recently, we have been focusing mostly on social media and engaging fans via our channels. It has been a success, and will continue with our social campaigns for the next several months.

5. What are your future plans for 2016 and beyond?

We plan to launch several good products, which will allow our customers to better engage their audience. We also have plans to expand internationally, as we have received numerous requests.

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